So, there I am, staring in the mirror at the gym. I’m excited and nervous with the rest of the women in the class.

Buti Yoga - What is this practice? What am I about to do? Is my butt really going to get bigger from this thing?

My friend said that I had to go because Buti was dance, yoga and everything in between. This practice is indeed everything in between and more.

But first, a little about me… I am addicted to working out. The sweat, pushing myself, my muscles burning - all of it. It is my favorite high and it doesn’t involve destroying my liver (bonus!).


My husband always knows when I have gone two or three days without working out because my fuse shrinks to nothing. Point being, I need to get the madness out and working out is my way of doing it. Little did I know there was more to it. There was more to just working out. The mind needs the body and vice versa.

Flashback to my first Buti class. The music kicks in. High energy, songs I love, yoga with movement, and sweat like I have never sweat before - did I mention the sick beats?

Highs that I had not felt in any other workout.

I had, indeed, found my happy place, but not just because of the workout. In one hour I found more of myself. My mind was indeed engaged, my emotions were on high and I was present. I was not alone either. Everyone in that class found each other. We experienced the highs together and we became a group of women who opened ourselves up to the moment.

Almost five years later, that moment, that feeling, that sense of freedom is still there. Every class, every hour I am there.


The biggest thing I hear from others after Buti Yoga is “sisterhood” and that it’s lit… but mostly sisterhood. The bonding that happens with others through this practice is authentic and ecstatic. It is a glow and it is wild and free. The structure allows for the body to move, feel and push itself. It demands the mind become open and free. Everyone opens up. All levels of skill, all levels of stamina and yoga ability.

There is no beginner. There is no advanced. There is US.

Those moments, beautifully sweating like we never have before, is why I come back. Energized. Ready. Open and willing to create with my students. Encourage and grow with their gains and assist with getting them to new heights. I, myself, am forever learning and forever growing.

So just as I was standing in the mirrors of the gym. Nervous and excited at what has become a monumental point in my life. I invite others to come feel free, feel strong, and begin the WERK.




Jen BoitoComment